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.... Roosevelt Surgical Associates was founded in 1989 by Dr. Gary Cobb in Middletown, Ohio. Each year the practice has continued to grow and two additional doctors have been added to the staff: Dr. Daniel Butler in 1994 and Dr. Heather Adkins in 2015. A second office was opened in West Chester in 2007 and has also grown in clientele in that area as well.
.... Roosevelt Surgical Associates performs General and Vascular Surgery. What exactly is "General Surgery"? General Surgery is the name given to a field of medicine unlike any other. It's origins are in the battlefields of ancient history. Until the discovery of anesthesia in the 1800's, surgery was primitive and often desperate. But in the last one hundred years things have drastically changed.
.... Unlike medical "specialties", general surgery is not limited to using only medicine in treatment, and unlike surgery "subspecialties", general surgery addresses the whole broad scope of trauma and illness. Most surgical subspecialties were founded by general surgeons.
.... This translates into many years of study for the general surgeon. Residency consists of five years of intense, sometimes punishing, training after medical school. During this time a young surgeon learns the principles that apply to all operations, plus the details of specific surgical illnesses. More importantly, he learns to honor the trust of patients who put their lives in his hands. He makes a commitment to their health and well-being.
.... The American Board of Surgery provides a test for the adequacy of the training period of the surgeon. The test evaluates his understanding and experience in many areas which include the services that we provide at Roosevelt Surgical Associates. Our goal is to provide you with the excellent and professional medical care that you both need and deserve to help you live a full and healthy life.

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